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!!! Due to the Corona Pandemic, our shop/cafe has to be closed, hence in-store shopping is temporarily not an option. On the bright side, online shop and shipping will continue as usual.!!!

We are an authorized dealer of Comandante C40 in München. You could find us on Comandante’s official website.

fulu ART & Arku Cafe
Max-Bill-Str. 3
80807 München

Come and visit us in München! We have plenty of C40 grinders and accessories here. Try a C40, even disassemble one, and you will be convinced – it truly is the best 🙂

At our shop we will show you in details how to adjust the coarseness degree, how to disassemble and assemble the grinder, etc.

In-store discount:

€10 discount for purchasing a C40 in our shop in München.

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